John ramig

John Ramig is the founder and President of Global Trade Advisors. Mr. Ramig is an experienced CEO who successfully established manufacturing facilities in Asia and product distribution throughout Western Europe.

Mr. Ramig is a graduate of Harvard College, where he was a Harvard Scholar and received his A.B., magna cum laude, in 1980. He earned his J.D. from the University of Virginia in 1984, where he served on the editorial board of the Virginia Journal of Law and Politics. He has engaged in the private practice of law in Washington, DC and Portland, Oregon for over 20 years.

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Ramig served on the Washington, DC staff of U.S. Senator Mark O. Hatfield and on the White House staff in the Carter Administration’s Office of Public Liaison. He also has served on the staff of Donald Anderson, a member of the British Parliament.

Mr. Ramig is licensed to practice law in Oregon. Mr. Ramig has expertise in international business transactions, including the structuring of international sourcing and manufacturing operations. He provides expert services relating to the design and implementation of international corporate structures that maximize operational and tax efficiencies. He also has expertise in intellectual property and trade secret protection, having successfully brought trade secrets litigation on behalf of his clients. He has broad experience with international distribution agreements and manufacturing agreements with Asian suppliers.

In addition to legal expertise, Mr. Ramig has gained a wealth of practical knowledge and a network of professional relationships through his involvement in establishing commercial relationships with manufacturing and trading companies in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. This expertise extends to supply chain management, including freight forwarding, customs and duty issues. Based on years of practical experience, Mr. Ramig offers specialized counsel for companies seeking to successfully operate in a multicultural business environment.