GTA operates a special division—GTA Sourcing—to serve our manufacturing offshoring clients.  GTA Sourcing is staffed by engineering, manufacturing and international trade experts and operates from offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and Portland.

GTA’s specialized Manufacturing “Offshoring” services include advice on:

  • Whether “offshoring” is best achieved by:

    • Third party sourcing

    • A joint venture

    • Organization of a wholly-owned foreign enterprise

  • Selection of an overseas agent

  • Selection of quality factories appropriate to your manufacturing needs

  • Negotiation of business terms that correspond to your cash flows

  • Implementation of quality control standards

  • Payment mechanisms (e.g. international letters of credit)

  • Customs/duty matters

  • Freight forwarding/logistics matters

  • Overall supply chain management

  • Reorganization of your business to maximize operational and tax efficiencies

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