GTA offers the following expert services in the dynamic and complex area of global trade regulation and compliance:

Import Consulting

  • Product classification and duty determination;
  • Valuation analysis;

  • Country of origin determination;

  • Marking requirements;

  • Free Trade Agreements and other duty exemption programs;

  • Recordkeeping requirements;

  • Import requirements for other government agencies such as the FDA, EPA, USDA, FWS, DEA and FCC;

  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) & Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) certification; and

  • Focused Assessment guidance.

Export Consulting

  • Jurisdiction determination (DOC, DOS, and all other U.S. Government agencies);

  • Classification of Commerce Controlled and Munitions List items;

  • License requirement determination for U.S. exports based on product classification, end users and destination;

  • Assistance with DOC and DOS licensing applications and license records maintenance;

  • Country of origin analysis for Free Trade Agreements;

  • Assistance determining import/export document and compliance requirements of foreign countries;

  • Review of documents, procedures and completed files;

  • Assistance in understanding and complying with anti-boycott and anti-bribery regulations;

  • HTS andSchedule B classification; and

  • U.S. Census reporting under the AES regulations.

Import and Export Compliance Assessments

A review of existing procedures by interviewing key participants and analyzing sample transactions in order to identify possible instances of non-compliance or areas for improvement.

Import and Export Compliance Programs

Establishment of a formal, centralized import/export compliance program modeled on the Bureau of Industry and Security and Customs and BorderProtection best practices.

Import and Export Compliance Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures

An inclusive formal document addressing the full spectrum of laws affecting cross-border movement of products and/or services.

Import and Export Compliance Training

Education of employees, contractors and executives on both compliance policy and daily implementation.