Van Vuong

Van Vuong serves as the Managing Director of the Ho Chi Minh City office of Global Trade Advisors. Mr. Vuong has over 10 years experience sourcing products in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia. In addition to sourcing products, Mr. Vuong has established and operated manufacturing facilities and has years of experience in quality control, supply chain management and logistics for clients including Costco, TJX Corporation, J.C. Penny and Guildmaster, Inc.

Mr. Vuong was raised in the United States and studied Business Management at the University of Maryland. As a result, he is familiar with western consumer tastes and business practices. He has over 20 years of management and financial experience.

From the Ho Chi Minh City office, Mr. Vuong utilizes resources available in the Southeast Asia region and his practical knowledge to network across multicultural business environments to the benefit of GTA’s clients.